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Who Is a Candidate?
Beverly, Ma

Close up model of dental implants in glass jaw at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS in Beverly, MA 01915-2515Dental implants are a great restorative solution for our patients that have experienced substantial tooth loss and are ready for a new smile. After hearing all these great things about cosmetic dental implants, you may be asking yourself if you are a candidate. Our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS can determine if you are a good candidate during a consultation visit that includes a thorough oral exam and digital imaging. During your visit, our professionals will assess several factors to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

An ideal candidate is in good overall health. Being in good health will positively influence your recovery process. Good health is also important because you will be subject to a general anesthetic during the procedure. In order to accurately assess your health, our team will need to know your full health history, including if you have any underlying medical conditions and what medications you take.

In addition to being in good health, it is important that you have healthy gum tissue and a strong, healthy jawbone. If your gums or jawbone are not healthy enough to support dental implants, there are a number of procedures that our team can utilize to prepare your oral cavity for dental implants. Our team implements the latest in technology and practices to provide you with the best outcomes possible.

Will I Need a Preparatory Procedure?

During your consultation and exam, our team can determine if you need any preparatory procedures to become a candidate for dental implants. Commonly needed procedures include soft tissue grafts and bone grafts. Each is intended to improve the health and strength of your oral cavity and reverse damage caused by gum disease and other ailments.

A bone graft involves grafting bone fragments to your existing jawbone. Over time, these bone fragments will fuse with your existing bone to become one solid piece. A bone graft will improve the strength and density of your jawbone so that it can support the titanium posts needed for dental implants.

During a soft tissue graft, our team attaches donor tissue to the areas of your gums where tissue is damaged or receded. They can also remove damaged tissue during this process to prevent the spread of infection and reshape your gumline. The tissue for this type of graft is frequently harvested from your palate because there is plenty of excess tissue available. As it heals, the grafted tissue will combine with your existing tissue and improve the function of your gums.

What Are the Benefits?

Dental implants provide many health benefits. A new, healthy set of teeth can provide needed support to your facial structure. They also improve your ability to speak and eat foods that you enjoy. Dental implants will also boost your confidence and allow you to partake in social gatherings knowing that you have a bright, flawless smile.

The first step on your journey to a new smile is determining what steps you need to take to become a good candidate. If you are ready to begin this journey and find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, our professionals at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS are here to help. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (978) 720-9009 today.
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Our dentist in Beverly, MA can determine if you are a good candidate for a consultation visit that includes a thorough oral exam and digital imaging. Learn more here.
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