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Guided Implant Surgery

Dentist reviewing x-ray with patientDental implant surgery is a minimally-invasive dental restorative surgery that is performed to restore a missing tooth root. Dental implant is the most effective treatment for a lost tooth and can last for a lifetime with proper care.

At Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS, we offer dental implant treatment to restore your mouth’s chewing and speaking ability and to help you regain your smile.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

A guided implant involves the use of specialized dental machinery and imaging technology to aid in the manufacture or placement of dental implants more accurately and efficiently.

Computer-guided dental implant surgeries are also performed much faster than traditional implant surgeries since many steps that require several days to complete can now be completed within a single day.

The technology comprises 3D imaging, digital radiograph, computerized tomography scans, and CAD/CAM imaging. The process of a guided dental implant surgery at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS is as follows:
•  A CT scan of the patient’s mouth is taken and Dr. Thomas Rafferty and Dr. Rafferty come with a personalized treatment plan according to the patient’s dental needs.
•  We will then use advanced computer technology and machines to place the implant in your jaw. We may also use digital imaging and CAD to fabricate models of the dental crowns for you.
•  The models will then be sent to a dental lab where they will design the tooth restoration using CAM software.
•  Once the crown is fabricated, we will place it on top of the dental implant.
•  We may also take digital x-rays to make sure the placement and size of the implants and crowns are accurate.

The Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

Guided dental surgery has improved conventional dental implant surgery in many ways in terms of accuracy, preciseness, and efficiency.
•  Guided dental implant surgery can accurately set the axis of the implant and determine the prosthetic’s proximity to neighboring teeth.
•  It can also be used to find out if there are any obstacles in the path of an implant which can pose complications as well as consider the alveolar bone volume.
•  Guided implant surgery can also help reduce the need for bone grafts and allow implant surgery in cases when the structure and health of the mouth had prevented previous surgeries.
•  Guided implant surgery can also reduce the risk of postoperative bleeding as well as infection and encourage quicker healing.
•  With guided dental implant surgery, we can also better inform the patient on what the procedure entails and instill confidence in them by showing them on a screen what the problem is and how we will fix it.

Limitations of Guided Implant Surgery

Although guided dental implant surgery affords a lot of efficiency, accuracy, and safety, it requires a pretty steep learning curve as the process is highly sensitive and requires excellent technical prowess.

In addition, some mild complications have been seen as a result of discrepancies between the digital simulations and the reality.

Guided dental implant surgery is one of the many breakthrough innovations in the field of dentistry. Although knowledge of it is very valuable, it does not replace the knowledge and expertise of a dental surgeon. If you would like to benefit from guided dental implant surgery, Dr. Thomas Rafferty at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS has the most updated software machines and the training to use them.

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Guided Implant Surgery • Beverly, MA • Thomas P Rafferty, DDS
Dental implant surgery is a minimally-invasive dental surgery that is performed to restore a missing tooth root. Our dentist in Beverly, MA can help with this!
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