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Dental Implant Technology

Dentist reviewing a digital xrayModern technology has led to great advancements in the dental field. These advancements have improved every aspect of restorative dentistry, especially dental implants. Our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS employs the latest in surgical and imaging technology to provide you with a brand new smile through the use of dental implants.

Soft Tissue Laser

Of the many tools used by our dental professionals, a soft tissue laser is a tool that provides many benefits to you while also making our teams’ task easier. A soft tissue laser emits concentrated light in a manner that allows our team to remove or alter the tissue of your gums and mouth. Before this tool was available, the removal of tissue had to be completed with manual tools and could be a much more time-consuming process.

The soft tissue laser offers many benefits. It minimizes bleeding because it immediately cauterizes your tissue. This process also limits your chance of infection and allows your body to heal faster from procedures. Infections can cause complications in oral surgery and the placement of dental implants, which is why our team uses soft tissue lasers to reduce your risk.

Imaging Technology

Our team also utilizes advanced imaging technology to gather information about your oral cavity. This information is used to create your dental implants and determine the exact placement of the titanium posts that support your implants. Precise placement increases the success rate of your implants and also minimizes the damage caused to your mouth.

The imaging technology used by our team includes digital x-rays. They are similar to traditional x-rays but are better because they expose you to significantly less radiation and develop instantly. Digital x-rays can be easily stored on a hard drive, which saves space and allows our team to more easily review these images.

Our team also employs Computer-Aided Design technology in our office. The information gathered from your x-rays and other imaging services is inputted into the CAD system. This technology creates your implants in our office by using the data gathered during your exam and imaging. The CAD system eliminates the need for our team to send this information to a lab, which can take several weeks to make implants.

Guided Dental Implant Tech

Guided Dental Implant technology aids our team in the installation and placement of your dental implants. Once imaging is complete and the CAD system creates your new smile, guided dental technology shows our professional exactly where to place your implants, which minimizes discomfort and swelling. Guided dental implant technology also reduces the amount of stress placed on your jawbone, which may prevent you from needing a bone graft procedure.

Micro Dentistry

Micro dentistry involves using magnification devices and advanced imaging to complete minimally invasive dental procedures. Micro dentistry procedures allow our professionals to target specific locations inside your oral cavity while avoiding unnecessary damage to healthy surrounding tissue.

Our professionals are trained in the use of micro dentistry techniques and to implement the latest in dental implant technology. If you are ready to learn more about the ways our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS uses technology to provide you with the best care possible, it is time to come see us. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (978) 720-9009.
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Dental Implant Technology • Beverly, MA • Thomas P Rafferty, DDS
Our dentist and team in Beverly, MA employs the latest in surgical and imaging technology to provide you with a brand-new smile, using dental implants.
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