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Cost of Dental Implants
Beverly, MA

Graphic of dental implant at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS in Beverly, MAThe surgical placement of dental implants consists of multiple steps. For some patients, there may be significant preparation needed before surgery, and there are various prosthetic options following surgery. The costs will be dependent on the steps needed and the individual’s insurance coverage. Our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS is happy to review the costs specific to your situation as part of the consultation process. The benefit of implant dentistry is improved oral health in a much more comfortable way than any other restoration following the loss of teeth. Weighing the benefits versus the costs will be a personal decision.

Tooth loss can be devastating. It can affect what you eat, how you look, even how you feel in social situations. The long term effects can be even more problematic, with neighboring teeth shifting out of alignment and the loss of jaw bone due to atrophy. Missing teeth shouldn’t be ignored. Thankfully, you have options.

Understanding What You Need

Meeting with a member of our dental team can help you gain a more accurate idea of the cost to have one or more teeth restored with dental implants. There is also the option of dental implants vs mini dental implants. Having a dental implant placed means we have to assess what is needed and what you want. This may include:
•  Gaining Control of Gum Disease: A common reason for the loss of teeth is gum disease, or more accurately chronic periodontitis. We want to help rid the infection and rebuild tissue as part of the restorative process. This can be time consuming and require multiple appointments.
•  Rebuild Bone: A side effect of tooth loss is atrophy of the jawbone due to sorption from disuse. Generally, our bones, including the jawbone, are constantly rebuilding and renewing. When a tooth is lost the bone material will naturally stop production of renewal and use those resources elsewhere. Before a standard dental implant can be placed, we need to bulk up the bone with a bone graft procedure. This is not true for a full arch bridge system known as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept.
•  Radiology: During your consultation and surgery planning, we will review radiology or dental x-rays. This may include a full 3D image of your oral region.
•  Determine Implant: Dental implants come in a variety of sizes, widths, and even materials depending on the work being done. We will need to determine how many, what type of dental implant is happening, and if the patient wants a titanium or ceramic implant.
•  Determine Prosthetic: In addition to the implant, we need to discuss what type of prosthetic will be being used. This may include making a prediction based on oral health for future adjustments. You may be using the implant to support a single tooth with a dental crown, multiple teeth with a bridge, or even a full denture.
•  Surgical Placement: The insertion of your dental implant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is completed following education, training, and skill obtained by our dental team.
•  FollowUp: Once your implant is placed, we will want to see you to review how your tissue is healing and then to place the prosthetic. Your implant and prosthetic will then be checked at all future checkup appointments.
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Cost of Dental Implants • Thomas P Rafferty, DDS • Dentist Beverly, MA
Tooth loss can be devastating. Our dentist and dental team in Beverly, MA can help you gain a more accurate idea of the cost of dental implants. Call now!
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