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Cosmetic Dental Implants
Beverly, MA

Woman smiling because of dental implant placement at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS in Beverly, MA 01915-2515 The placement of teeth implants can correct your bite, and even improve your speech, by restoring a single or multiple missing teeth. Our team of dentists at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS can improve the look and function of your smile with dental implants. By scheduling a consultation with Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS, we can evaluate the need and assess the best course of action to improve your health, function and aesthetics.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted directly into the patient's jawbone. This will serve as a strong and permanent structure to place a dental crown over, restoring the tooth as close to your natural teeth as you can get. Titanium is a great material to use for making skeletal restorations. Your living tissue is willing to bond with this biocompatible material, making it part of your bone structure with healing time. Patients have benefited from titanium supports all over the human body when having surgical restorations performed, including in the knees, hips, and more.

Once the post has had time to strengthen and heal with your bone, we will then fit you with a customized tooth crown. Your new crown will have the look and feel of a tooth, making it nearly impossible to distinguish from your other teeth.

Do I need a dental implant?

Patients often wonder why a missing tooth is a problem, if an implant is truly even necessary. Yes, a missing tooth is a problem, and replacing it with one of a couple of options is necessary for your dental health. A missing tooth can mean serious consequences for your dental health. Once you lose a tooth, either due to decay or injury, some immediate things begin to occur, including:

•  Your neighboring teeth now have room to shift. This may not sound like a bad idea, until you realize that along with shifting, your bite, speech and even jaw alignment can be affected. With bite and jaw alignment out of sorts, patients can experience chronic issues with TMJ and even migraines.
•  Missing teeth causes issues with bone loss. With that spot no longer being stimulated through motion, your jaw bone will begin to resorb and atrophy in that spot. As your jaw bone decreases in size, it makes it more difficult to place a tooth implant and also gives the patient that older appearance that is seen in seniors.
•  Besides the dental problems that come from missing teeth, there are social problems. Missing teeth can affect our self confidence, how we present ourselves ie. hiding your smile, or even causing a patient to become quieter. Our teeth and smiles are used continuously throughout the day. People are aware of how our teeth look and do make certain assessments based on them. We want you to feel beautiful and confident.

Our team at Thomas P. Rafferty, DDS can help you both look and feel healthy and confident, improving the look and function of your smile. For more information on tooth implants, implant restorations, or any of our cosmetic and restorative services like gum grafts or bone grafts, contact us at (978) 720-9009. Our front office staff are happy to assist you in scheduling appointments and answering your questions.
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Dental implants can correct your bite and improve your speech, by restoring a single or multiple missing teeth. Call us to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Beverly, MA!
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